The Eight Best Sound Baths In Los Angeles (LAist)

Sound baths are quickly becoming L.A’.s new favorite way to meditate. Before you go accusing us of our usual pseudo-spiritual shenanigans, take a look at the science. Sound healing, an ancient wellness practice dating back thousands of years, has been linked to reductions in stress and anxiety, and been shown to decrease blood pressure more than traditional meditation. Sounds travels through water four times faster than it travels through air, and since our bodies are mostly composed of water, many believe that sound helps us recalibrate. Through the use of gongs, bells, bowls, flutes, chimes, and other instruments, practitioners take students on a sonic journey of healing, one that resonates long after the session ends.

Sound baths are a fairly recent phenomenon in the West, so don’t feel bad if you have no idea where to look for them. We’ve got you covered with this list of our favorite sound bath studios and teachers.


With locations in Silverlake and Mid-City, Den Meditation offers a respite for when you need a break from our fast-paced city. They host a range of meditation classes and workshops, including their signature “Chill the F*ck Out” class. Sound bathers will get a rare treat at this studio, which uses gemstone bowls in their sound baths. Most crystal bowls are quartz, but Den Meditation offers a range of gemstone bowls, including a black tourmaline bowl that is believed to clear negative energies and assist in focus and grounding. For those who prefer a more traditional sound bath, they also offer sound healing with gongs. Their workshops are $35 per person, but for just $50, new students can get 21 days of unlimited classes with three workshops included.