With Manna Dabholkar!

• February 20 – June 5 •

14 Sundays

5:30pm – 7:00pm (PST)


2022/02/20 17:30:00

Certification Details

Manna has done hundreds of mediumship readings over the years. She combines messages from the spirits with different meditational techniques to enhance your abilities to understand frequencies and communicate with both physical and nonphysical beings. You will start with a 15 minute goal setting call with Manna, one week before the certification.

About Level 1

  • You will gain a complete understanding of what a Medium is. You will learn about the science behind mediumship, the role of a Medium, enhance your Spiritual Skills, discover how Energy Beings are interconnected and transcend Spiritual Realms. In these 14 weeks, you will learn 14 different techniques of meditation and delve deeply into the role of energy and vibration in explaining other dimensions and realms and how and why a Medium can transverse these planes to communicate with those who exist in Non-Mass Form.
  • The goal of mediumship is not simply communicating with the dead but also understanding the law of permission and boundaries. You will develop all your Clair Senses to open all your channels of communication with spirit beings. You will start noticing your manifestations become stronger and sharper, one minute you will have a thought or desire in your mind and next minute it will come true in the physical world around you. Mediumship is largely focused on getting in touch with your own spirit. Understanding the cycle of death, makes you fearless, removes all doubt and insecurities, and once you go through this rigorous training, you will never again doubt your self-worth and intuition.

What you’ll learn

WEEKS 1 – 7
  • Different types of mediumships; Pineal Gland/Third Eye; Chakras, Nadis and Aura – Meditations; Grids; Psychics & Mediums; Are you an Empath?; Law of Permission and Boundaries; Tuning into Energy Fields; Pineal Gland Mantras; (Sun) Gazing Meditation – Bahiranga; The Clairs and how to build your Lesser-known Clair Senses; Karma, Kriya, Vairagya; Mediumship Exercises; Antaranga; Understanding the Human Anatomy, Human Mind and Human Energy System when working as a medium; Vipassana; Etheric Cords; Soul Contract; Kriya Meditation; Frequency Voids; Nothingness; Near Death Experience; The Higher Dimensions; Tonglen Meditation
WEEKS 8 – 14
  • Spirit Guides and Gate Keepers; Guided Speaking with the Dead; Connecting with your own guide; Closing the Spirit Link; Shikantaza Meditation; Connection with Spirit & professionalism; Professional Boundaries as a medium; Spirit Release; Manifestations and Mediumship; Koans; Channeling; Trance Mediumship; What is it?; Are we all Channeling?; Yoga Nidra – Psychic Sleep; Live Readings; Sameness of Self and Others (Meditation); Advanced Mediumship – Presenting Your Mediumship to The Public; Vendantic Meditation; Sitting in Silence; Building Your Business as a New Medium; Growing your Business; Samatha Meditation

How it works

  • Class meets every Sunday* for 14 weeks @ 5:30pm – 7:00pm (PST)
    • *Skipping May 15 & May 22 to give students a break before graduation.
  • Each 90 minute group session includes instruction lessons, concepts, and science behind mediumship, along with 14 meditational techniques. You will receive personalized exercises, partner exercises, and will also be required to record private readings to receive feedback.
  • Pricing Options:
      • One-time payment of $1,400 *OR* (3) monthly payments of $500 ($1,500 total)
      • Prerequisite: None
  • CERTIFICATION REFUND POLICY: If cancellation occurs 2-6 weeks before the program begins, there will be a 25% cancellation fee. If cancellation occurs within 2 weeks before the program begins, no refunds will be given.

This life for me is an endeavor to help people explore, experience, and express their truest deepest self. This life for me is to empower people to heal themselves mentally and physically by Developing their Intuition.

~ Manna Dabholkar

One Payment

  • Pay in full option for Manna’s 14 week Mediumship Certification

3 Payments

  • Three (3) $500 payments totaling $1,500
  • First payment is your booking deposit, with two additional payments of $500 every 30 days

Meet Your Teacher

Manna Dabholkar is a spiritual guide, a life coach who empowers you to explore your higher spiritual self, encourages you to seek the answers that lay within you, to build the life of your choosing. Building and Running Humanitarian Organizations for more than a decade, Manna understood that her path in life is of empowering people, of helping, guiding them to self-discovery, helping them take their power back, define their own boundaries, and live a life of fulfillment and spiritual contentment.
In Manna’s view, spirituality, and science, the sacred and the material live hand in hand. She sees people as spiritual beings meant to experience the material world. For her, Freedom, Liberation of the Body, Mind and Soul is fundamental to a healthy life. Our True Self, the Unfiltered, Unprogrammed Self is available to all if we make a conscious effort to strike a balance between our material world and the invincible spiritual world. Manna guides Psychic Intuitive Meditation at Shambala Intuitive Healing, CHIT, Bodhgaya Institute of Consciousness Studies and often teaches as a guest at the DEN. Her meditation sessions explore topics such as Basic Intuitive Psychic Tools, Consciousness, Detachment, Past Life Regression Therapy, Mediumship Basics, and more. She also gives Mediumship Readings and Energy Readings.



“The Mediumship Certification course taught by Manna Dabholkar is impressive, extremely informative and helpful in learning and/or improving on mediumship. Manna eloquently articulates each lesson using knowledge backed with science, research and practice which makes for a deeper understanding. There is a plethora of valuable content presented in the certification course – the class meditations led by Manna to facilitate connecting with spirit and raising one’s vibration followed with a mediumship reading is my favor exercise. The homework assignments are real time, invaluable and build confidence while enhancing and deepening the learning. The Mediumship Certification course gives one the tools and confidence to be a medium and teach it to others. It is a great investment that provides a meaningful experience with an extraordinary teacher and mentor.”

Tammy C.

“As an absolute beginner with no prior psychic or mediumship training, my personal goal from the certification was to open up my intuition only, with no other expectations. Everything else was a bonus for me. After 14 weeks of training with Manna, what I’ve learned and what I can do are way beyond my expectations. Also, everyone in the class was so talented and supportive, I’ve learned a great deal from them. I am glad I signed up for this certification!”

Eric C.

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