The DEN’s one-on-one healings, readings, and private classes are powerful opportunities to tap into the life force and energy within you. Then they can shift your physical, emotional and mental state of being. Since energy is quantum and moves beyond time and space, the effects of remote healings are just as strong as in person. The benefits of these sessions range from psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional.




In Person – or – Virtual

During a Reiki session, a combination of sacred symbols and specific hand placements above one’s body serve as a channel for Universal Source Energy. If the session is held virtually, distance reiki will be performed. Reiki draws from outside energy and this limitless energy can rebalance your chakras, release stress or trauma, and make you feel “lighter” overall.


Virtual Only

Practiced by Inca’s for thousands of years, Shamanic healing is entirely guided by an intuition that pulls in elemental forces to clear energetic blocks and extract unwanted harmful energies. A Shamanic healing session is a powerful experience that will leave you feeling grounded and empowered.


In Person – or – Virtual

Using Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tingsha, Tuning Forks, Shamanic Rattles and sometimes a drum you will experience a vibrational healing which helps to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, physical pain, emotional trauma, PTSD and so much more. After a brief consultation, your practitioner will determine which of the above sound instruments are best suited for you. Sound healing activates higher states of consciousness and clarity.



Virtual Only

 Akashic Records are the vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey. The Records contain all past, present and future possibilities and when accessed by a certified Reader, you will be able to ask specific questions and will receive insight and guidance to aide you on your personal journey.


In Person – or – Virtual

 Astrology is incredibly useful for understanding the accuracy of timing in predictions of events in one’s personal life based on their chart calculations. It also helps clarify a bigger purpose to ultimately heal people by connecting them back to their spiritual roots for the alignment and integration of their lives to their higher purpose and dharma. Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, explains the very fabric of everything in existence.

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60 MIN

In Person – or – Virtual

Reiki, Shamanic & Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Akashic Healing, Vedic Astrology


90 MIN

In Person – or – Virtual

Vedic Astrology




Give yourself the one-on-one attention you deserve

We offer private meditation classes and sound baths, both in person and online, with some of our best, most established, and respected teachers. Whatever personal challenges you are facing with your meditation practice, a private meditation is a great opportunity to grow, expand and deepen your journey! Please reach out to us directly to book a private session.

Please email DENhealing@DENmeditation.com to schedule
your private meditation class or sound bath

Explore The DEN’s trainings and certifications
Learn to become a healer and reader for yourself and your life


Beth – Akashic Healing

Beth is an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, Akashic Reading Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor, and Physical Therapist. She blends energy healing with her experience as a movement specialist to offer support and guidance, and to empower self-healing in mind, body, and spirit. She brings a grounded, empathic, and playful approach to healing sessions and to life!

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Tal Rabinowitz – Shamanic Healer

Tal Rabinowitz is founder & CEO of DEN Meditation and host of DENtalks Podcast. She knows a thing or two about the importance of maintaining perspective, finding clarity, and staying true to one’s heart when handling a chaotic life. After leaving her job as Executive VP of Comedy Development at NBC, the nearly 20 year entertainment industry executive created the DEN Meditation in Los Angeles, in hopes of giving people a comfortable, no-pressure environment where they can meditate. Tal has been featured on the cover of MINDFUL Magazine, and the DEN has been featured in both the LA and NY Times, Cosmopolitan, MindBodyGreen, Well + Good, Harpers Bazaar, Bustle, Pop Sugar and many more. Continually trying to help people grow and evolve, Tal teaches Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and is certified KRI Level 1 where she was unbelievably fortunate to be trained under the following masters: Guru Jas of White Sun, Tej Khalsa, Guru Jagat, and Harijiwan.

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Danika Solé DEN Meditation teacher

Danika Solé – Reiki Healer

Danika was introduced to Reiki at a very young age by her mother who was a Reiki Master. Spirit medicine and meditation were woven into her consciousness from the very beginning. Danika went on to become a Reiki Master herself as well as a teacher, sound healer, certified meditation guide, and yoga instructor. She uses her lifetime of personal experience, paired with her training and background in the healing arts, to share the gift of energy medicine. “Heal yourself, heal the world,” she believes.

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Ashley SunGoddess – Vedic Astrology Reader

Ashley SunGoddess is a Vedic Astrologer, intuitive reader, dream interpreter, educator and mystic. She is a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) from the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), and has been giving private reading consultations since 2007. Ashley has a gift as an intuitive reader and educator facilitating learning about the ancient art and science of Jyotish, otherwise known as Indian Astrology, or Vedic Astrology. She has studied under the direct guidance of a traditional Indian parampara lineage from one of the most respected, and world renowned Jyotisha Gurus. Ashley has established a deep involvement with various astrological organizations, both locally and internationally to continually pursue her passion for life-long learning as a seeker and practitioner. The purpose of her readings are to compassionately validate people who are seeking to gain further insight and understanding of themselves, as well as assist in navigating them through any unique circumstances presented on their life-path for ultimate success and healing.

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