Why should I choose DEN Meditation?

We have an inclusive community of all ages that you can’t find anywhere else. DEN isn’t just a meditation studio; it’s a family, a hub for all your wellness needs, and a breeding ground for inspiration.

I do yoga / cross fit / running and it’s very mindful. How is this different?

Meditation is a workout for your brain. It’s like exercise but less sweaty. The difference is you’re consciously running towards yourself.

How do I know if I’m meditating right?

Meditation is a practice, so if you’ve started meditating, you’re on the right track. Like exercise, or aanything in life, the more you practice, the more natural it becomes. We promise.

What if I can’t sit still and my mind always wanders?

Meditation doesn’t get rid of your thoughts – those will always be present. However, we are here to help guide you to peacefully coexist with them. Even achieving one second of a quiet mind does wonders for your Self. Let’s be real, finding time to sit still, away from the distractions of the Western world, is a gift.

What type of meditation or course is right for me?

The DEN offers countless options for you to explore. Just start with one and test the waters in order to find what works for you. Investing in yourself is a lifelong journey, and we’re here to help.

Can I visit the DEN in person?

During the Coronavirus we are not offering in-person classes, workshops, courses, certifications, and retreats. However, we have brought our wonderful collection of teachers to DEN’s live stream. We hope to see you there!