Dry January? Seven Places to Go and Things to Do (Los Angeles Times)

Whether you’re looking to take a month off alcohol to sleep better and lose weight, or you’ve given up booze entirely, Los Angeles is a great place to be dry. Its busy wellness scene will get you to a higher state naturally, and an eclectic mix of alcohol-free events, dance parties and mocktail mixologists will help you conquer your FOMA (Fear of Missing Alcohol).

“I think so many people see dry living as only a 12-step thing, not a conscious choice not to imbibe something that doesn’t really have any big positives,” said Ruby Warrington, author of “Sober Curious” and co-founder of the no-alcohol gathering Club SÖDA in New York.

Of course, you will have to come up with some stock phrases for those annoying people who will ask you why you’re not drinking. (Have some compassion: Their questions might be a cry for help. And if you are one of those nosy and annoying people who try to police the drinking habits of others, maybe you’re the one with the problem.)

Life can be better without drinking, Warrington says, as you discover perks such as clearer skin, less anxiety, deeper social connections and a better relationship with food. The tricky part when you’re just getting started, she says, can be keeping booze-free entertainment top of mind, and getting friends on board for your dry adventures.

We asked Warrington and L.A. sober influencer Jessica Jeboult of A Sober Girl’s Guide to give us some of their best picks for alcohol-free fun in Los Angeles.


1. World-class yoga and meditation

Instead of meeting a friend at happy hour, Jeboult and Warrington like to hit L.A.’s top yoga and meditation studios, not only to join a class but for their special events. Jeboult recommends Unplug in West Hollywood for its great slate of self-help and spiritual guest speakers, as well as the Den Meditation on La Brea or in Studio City, and Wanderlust Hollywood. For those who want to make an event of it, there’s Bender, a rooftop yoga event featuring live DJs, held monthly at the Smorgasburg food festival.

“It’s a great way to meet people on the same wellness journey” Warrington agrees, and “feel more connected with self and clear-headed.”