with Heather Prete

Experience a 6-week personal transformation
while learning all Love and Compassion practices, including:
Compassion for Self, Compassion for Others, and Universal Compassion.

Course Details

Learn the science, practice, and history of compassion in a secular and ancient Buddhist context. Taught and developed by Heather Prete,
DEN’s Senior Mindfulness Meditation teacher.

What you will learn

  • Definitions of Love and Compassion and their respective practices
  • The healing practices of Self-Compassion for our current and past Self
  • Transforming the mundane into the super-mundane: Seeing love in all things
  • Healing the world in the arms of compassion

Who is this for?

  • Suitable for experienced practitioners as well as those new to practice
  • Clinicians, mental health professionals, coaches, teachers, etc.
  • Those with chronic pain or disabilities and those wanting to transform difficult emotional states
  • Those wishing to transform the “inner critic” and develop a relationship with the Self that embodies acceptance and care

How it works

  • 6 weeks of exclusive lessons
  • 18 videos and 6 audio meditations
  • Also includes at-home practice and assignments to deepen your experience of compassion

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Taught by Heather Prete


Meet Your Teacher

Heather Prete is a Mindfulness Facilitator who works with a diverse range of clientele, including those in recovery, people coping with depression and anxiety, cancer survivors, men and women battling chronic health and pain issues, those suffering from PTSD, as well as fellow clinicians combating compassion fatigue syndrome. Her training began with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998, traveling the world to learn under masters in both India and Europe. In 2011 she became a certified Mindfulness Facilitator at UCLA, where she also taught Mindful Awareness Classes as well as courses online. Currently she’s co-creator and master teacher for The DEN Meditation Teacher Training Program. She’s been featured on E! as well as in publications such as TimeThe Times of India and Femcompetitor. Heather’s teaching on joy can be viewed on Mindful Magazine’s online edition.

Heather Prete DEN Meditation teacher

Transform Suffering

“Compassion is not a perfect translation when we speak on the ‘mind’
of compassion in these contexts. We are not speaking of an
emotional state, to an aspect of the Self that is a warrior mind, unshakeable, and open.

It is the foundation of our ability to transform suffering
in this world and within ourselves.”

~ Heather Prete