A Guide to LA Wellness Inspired Holiday Gifts (Mack in Style)

With two locations in Los Angeles (West Hollywood and Studio City) there is no excuse to not attend a class at The DEN. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that you must clear your mind and frown upon yourself if you’re unable to, which is why so many people I know are turned off by meditation as it seems intimidating. Meditation at The DEN focuses on being mindful and acknowledging the thoughts that come to us while we are working on being present, and to be real, the classes just calm me the eff down. Each instructor I’ve had at The DEN is a glowing angel who seems to float around the class while maintaining the most relaxing voice that could put me to sleep in under a minute if I lose focus.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the 9 AM Chakra class on Thursday with Hilary where this week’s class was focused on the root chakra, which was ironic as I have been recently struggling with sciatica. The guided meditation left me in awe of how simple it is to tap into my body and the truth of how I’m feeling when distractions are removed. In a world, full of bombarding news notifications, as well as instant gratification through social media, I’ll admit I get easily overwhelmed by this small device that is more than often in my hand. That’s why I highly recommend unwinding and grounding yourself with a visit to a meditation class. Personally, I prefer going to these classes alone so I’m not concerned if my friend is vibing with the class or not, so I think gifting someone an individual pass is wonderful. But, you know your loved ones best, and if you feel that going together will be beneficial for the both of you, then gifting a class for the two of you is perfect!